Website Design

The “Great Days In” website has been designed by a small, creative media team known as Quoakle and is an adaptation of the template created for the Great Days Out UK website.

The name Quoakle first appeared in 2006 with the launch of the innovative, graphical online directory – Since then, thousands of businesses across England and Wales have been promoted on the graphical directory.

With businesses the Quoakle team has a reputation for affordable website promotion as well as for friendly support;
with users Quoakle’s Graphical Directory is known for its clean, clear page layout and simple site structure enabling users to see at a glance exactly what they want … and very quickly!

Our aim is to be … the Quick link to Local websites!

Quoakle Director, Nigel Steele, loves getting new ideas and is developing a number of different online directories: Great Days Out UK , Eat Unique , Green ConstructionChristian SchoolsChristian Bookshops and Coffee shops in Cheltenham. As with, we aim to connect users quickly and easily with a great variety of websites through directories that are structured very simply.

The Quoakle team has also diversified into Website Design, particularly supporting SMEs and Charities in the UK. During the past few years, we have also worked closely with a number of Devon businesses : Mackenzie FitnessEllis SweepsBrie FitnessPooches Paddock and Cake for Days. The types of businesses we work with are clearly very varied – from Personal fitness to Chimney Sweep and from Dog Walking to Celebration Cakes!
For several years now, we have been working Derby Language School, Moxham Books, the Cotswolds Photo Library and Westminster-based The Values Foundation. We are also pleased to be offering SEO services to a number of companies including Passion Plays, The Passion UK and Passion Trust and to projects such as No New TownsForest of Dean Housing Plan. We also look after Churcham based, Gloucestershire Carpenter, Roger Hewlett’s website too!

With a specialism in SEO, we have helped a number of clients, including: Parent Power and Biological Evolution. Although having a strong Gloucestershire focus, we also have clients as far away as New Zealand and Australia, such as Synthetic Grass Suppliers and Public Speaking Courses

If you want to talk to us about how we can best help your business, either call us on 01452 595377, Skype “Quoakle” or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

We are based in Churcham, a little down the road from Gloucester, UK. We offer a wide range of quality web solutions at affordable prices. We can take you from the initial design stages right the way through to marketing your website effectively within Google.

We are always keen to meet, speak to and help out our clients and potential customers. We’re interested in you and in your website.

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